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“Can’t believe you sold almost everything! Best thing I did was hire you and your staff .” SS

You’re the best thanks so much.” MR

You have the best web site on the Cape. It’s the easiest to navigate and read." M.S.

You and your team made a difficult situation a pleasant experience.” CS

“Great job wonderful help Thanks so much.”  SP 

"The best things about our sale was meeting you and your great staff and the wonderful job all of you did." S.G.

Can’t believe you made everything so smooth and easy.  AK 

"You have been a great friend and guide." R.B.

"I am so appreciative of you and you staff for making the sale of the items from our family home more joyful than sad." J.R.

"Hurray! Sale done and you and your staff were terrific." M.T.

"My mom was delighted with her sales results and the money she received." C.G.

"Incredible people to work with as we cleaned out my mothers estate. Caring, fair and the house was left as contracted." L.G.

"You're a miracle worker thank you so much!" P.M.

"My family and I could never have done this sale without you and your staff A thousand thanks." A.R.

"The best decision we ever made was having Bittersweet conduct our sale! C.M.

"You people are great. I can't believe how much you sold and how easy you made it seem." R.H.

"Pat, you did a great job the clean up was better than I could have done and you know how fussy I am!" R.B.

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